August, 2010


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My new book, I Don't Wanna Be My Mother is now on Amazon. If you've been a subscriber for a long while, I have to be honest -- you've read it already. But look at it this way: all of my wisdom is in one place with some new insights added.


If you are relatively new to the newsletter, and especially if you are a boomer who doesn't want to experience traditional "senior" decline, this book has your name on it. You can click on the image above or order from Amazon in the right hand column. You will be glad you did!


Barbara Morris: So, You Don't Wanna Be Your Mother?

So, you don't wanna be your mother? It's a rare woman who says she wants to age just like her mother. 

If you say you don't wanna be your mother, I know it’s not that you don’t love your mom; it’s just that you don't want to emulate her lifestyle, or how she thinks. Nothing wrong with feeling that way if you believe she is experiencing avoidable premature decline. 

Maybe you think that in addition to wanting to avoid her lifestyle and mindset, you want to look younger when you are your mother's age. That's great, and it’s totally possible. With the variety of cosmetic procedures available today, any woman can look fabulous till her money runs out or she runs out of credit cards. A new non-surgical facelift that uses your own stem cells costs a fraction of a conventional surgical lift and will last five or more years. Most doctors who do the procedure allow you to pay over time.  So don't waste time worrying about wrinkles or saggy jowls. They don't make you old and they can be corrected. What can make you old is what you allow to go on in your head.



Mary Lloyd: Where to Live

One of the nicest aspects of retirement is that your work no longer decides where you have to live. But does that mean moving to a retirement community in a warm, sunny climate is in your future? That decision involves a lot more than getting away from your local version of lousy weather.

Where you choose to live needs to be a well-thought balance between what you've already built and what you yearn for. I'm not talking about square footage here. Where you live now has a lot of pluses (unless you just moved there).

You already have your network of resources in place-your primary care physician and specialists if you need them, your dentist, your hairdresser, your car mechanic, your plumber. The list goes on, but you get the point: When you move, you need to find new back up for what you can't do yourself on, well, pretty much everything.


Joyce Shafer:
How to Identify Your True Calling

Read this question and note how it makes you feel: If you had to do (HAD to do) one thing for the rest of your life—for no pay—what would it be? What you FEEL is a key to learning something about yourself.

Some of you had no problem answering this question. You’ve always known what you wanted to do and are either doing it or working your way towards it. 

Some of you have never had a good enough question (like this one) to assist you to tune into what you really want to do, usually because others have readily offered their opinions and reasons as “wise” guidance. 


Henry Montag: "The Family Meeting"

It's time for a new addition to traditional financial planning: We call it "The Family Meeting."

This kind of meeting serves as a platform for discussing a family's "legacy," a term we use broadly to include the many financial and personal aspects that need to be addressed between parents and their future generations. Of course, we're talking about things like wills and powers of attorney, but are just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond these standard necessities, there are many issues that need to be discussed, from retirement needs and elder care, to legacy planning that involves not just estate distribution, but personal wishes and desires as well.


Lura Zerick: Reaching for a Dream

Everyone has at least one dream, possibly more. Some of us talk about our dreams, others are silent. Many never mention their dreams even to those closest to them. We might be surprised to learn the dreams of those around us. None of our dreams will become reality if we don't reach for them. Regardless of our age, we can still reach as as we visualize our dream.


Vikki Stark: Four Tricks to Help Quit Obsessing When Your Heart's Been Broken

You know the signs: that sick feeling in your stomach, those tossing/turning nights, food that tastes like cardboard and a mind that whirs relentlessly like an old-time computer that refuses to shut down. When a relationship ends, particularly when you didn't see it coming, your mind is in torment and it's exhausting.

You've been hit by a tsunami and you're struggling to get your head above water. You're desperate to understand what happened and what you could have done differently. In other words, you're obsessed! If you could only get some relief from your thoughts, you'd feel much, much better. But how?


Links: For August

Lots of useful and interesting stuff, as usual. In case you missed seeing it on the TV show "Extra" be sure to take a look at Marla Maples' mom's new face. It confirms my contention that the appearance of your face should be the least of the concerns of an older woman (or man). Cosmetic procedures are becoming safer and more affordable. 

Book Review: A Boomer's Guide to Chronic Pain by Dr. Michael J. Kaye

There's no testimonial without the test," I once heard someone say; and is why Dr. Michael Kaye is more than qualified to share the information he does in, A Boomer's Guide to Chronic Pain. As a Boomer, a chiropractor who assists people with chronic pain, and someone who manages his own chronic pain, Dr. Kaye speaks from genuine experience and understanding. The chapters provide valuable information to support you in every area of your life and to make Michael's mission your own: you may have chronic pain to manage, but it doesn't have to control you and your life. Let his knowledge and practical guidance help you aim at and attain a more fulfilling life experience--starting today. You've waited for relief long enough.

Reviewed by Joyce Shafer, Life Empowerment Coach, author of I Don't Want to be Your Guru, but I Have Something to Say, and editor/publisher of State of Appreciation.

(See Dr. Kaye's excellent exercise video on links page)

Mail Bag: From A Proud Mommy

Hi Barbara,

Since you position getting older as a positive (and it is!), I thought I'd submit this letter that my daughter wrote a couple of years ago - and I've kept it framed on my dresser ever since.  She gave me permission to submit this.  Before you read the text, keep in mind that my definition of "celebrating your independence" does not mean I have to do it all myself.  What I mean is that people should do everything they can to have the skills to do want they want, when and how they want - i.e. work hard in school, pursue a dream even if it looks impossible - so you can make your own choices in life. 


Worth Reading: Breast Cancer --No One Chose This Journey by Fran Padgett

After being diagnosed with cancer in both breasts, Fran Padgett launched a mission to fund breast cancer research projects. This passion led her to establish The Weathervane Foundation, Inc., a Texas 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to finding the cause and cure of breast cancer. Serving as Executive Director of the Foundation, Padgett's efforts have won her accolades in the community, including the BMW Hero of the Year Award, and the Denise Veillon Care, Share and Be Aware Award.


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