Five Steps to Put Old on Hold

Staying youthful is easier than you think.
So easy, you can start today!

You have the power to control aging. Take my word for it! It’s not difficult, but it does require making a commitment and holding to it. Follow these 5 steps to stay youthful, energized, and in vibrant health for decades to come. Start today!

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Barbara Morris

Step 1. Have a clear vision of you and your life 25 years from now.
How would like to look and function, mentally and physically, in 25 years? Create a clear vision, then make a commitment to achieve that vision. It’s amazing how this commitment will drive your life choices. Tip: Don’t allow traditional thinking about age to limit your vision!

Step 2. List the youthful attributes you want to have in 25 years.
What are the physical, emotional, and mental attributes you want to enjoy? Do you want to be able to walk 5 miles? Finish crossword puzzles without help? Think about the qualities you want to keep and the “old” traits to avoid. Remember, it’s easy to keep mental acuity and physical strength IF you continue to work at them.

Step 3. Develop daily anti-aging habits.
Start NOW to Put Old on Hold:

Walk every day—Do not allow conversations with yourself about being too tired or too busy to stop you. Just do it.

Drink lots of water—Our bodies must have water. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

Other easy ideas—Add more fruit and vegetables to your diet. Nix the fast food. Take vitamins. Stretch to stay flexible.

4. Engage in positive mental management.
Self-talk is extremely powerful. Reprogram your self-talk to have a “can do” attitude about your abilities.

Practice positive self talk—Avoid seemingly innocent, self-deprecating self-talk such as “I must be getting old” when you drop or forget something. Your subconscious hears this as a goal and will take you there faster than you can imagine!

You’re never too old—Don’t tell yourself you’re too old to do something, just because it’s not done at your age. We each know that we're capable of achieving more. Don’t let society’s norms or family expectations keep you from reaching your potential.

5. You have to believe it’s possible to Put Old on Hold.
You CAN control the aging process—believe it. Here’s a great goal: As each day goes by, experience freedom, good health, and independence—fully able to enjoy the best years of your life. Trust me, it’s well worth the small amount of effort it takes to get there.



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Put Old on Hold wisdom:

“You CAN Put Old on Hold. It’s simple when you know the right things to do."

— Barbara Morris