“… Barbara Morris explains in a very unique way how you can put old on hold longer than ever thought possible. A 'must read' for anyone interested in staying young.”
– Florence Henderson

Listen to Barbara!


YOU have the POWER to Put Old on Hold

Learn how to take charge of your health to control aging!

Hello, I’m Barbara Morris, and I’m passionate about helping women outsmart Father Time. I’m an anti-aging expert, speaker, author, and working pharmacist.

Although I’m 81, I have the vitality of a 50 year old. How? Long ago, I learned how to Put Old on Hold. I found the strength inside me to stay youthful, dynamic, and healthy.

Being ageless is about POWER—the power of taking charge of your own well being!

Many of the women I meet in their 40s and 50s confide in me:

“I look old, and I feel old.”

“My middle-age spread is still spreading. How can I ever get back into shape?”

“With kids and elderly parents, I’m running around all the time. I need to exercise, but I’m just too tired.”

These women—and you, too—can Put Old on Hold. It's easier than you think.

The Advantage To Putting Old On Hold

Advantage #1. Maintain the health and capability you have right now

Why not enjoy extra years of healthy, productive, ageless living? For example, if you're now 40 years old, you can feel like you haven't aged a year even when you're 65. If you are 50, you can reach 75 feeling just as youthful as you do now. I plan to celebrate my 100th birthday living like a dynamic 75 year old—or better.

Advantage #2. Be strong, independent, and in charge of your life—even at 75

In the 20th century, life span increased by 27 years, so there’s a good chance you’ll be much older than your parents. How do you want to live those bonus years? You can age traditionally with physical and mental decline. Or you can be vital, dynamic, and productive.

Your future hinges on the lifestyle choices you make NOW. Start today to preserve your mental and physical function for tomorrow.

Follow my age-defying advice, and you can Put Old on Hold, too!

You CAN control the aging process. It's not a vain, silly, or frivolous pursuit. Putting Old on Hold is easy. I'll show you how. Read my story and the 5 Steps to Put Old on Hold. Start NOW. I promise you—the payoff will be phenomenal.

Imagine putting Old On Hold once and for all!

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